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Yuca : Yuca is Yuck   1-Star rating

We spent the day in South Beach on a quest for good Cuban cuisine. We had a late lunch at Puerto Sagua (700 Collins) and the food was fantastic but they were out of empanadas. So later while walking on Lincoln Rd. we found Yuca. They had an Empanada Sampler for $12.95.  I thought it was a little pricey but from the menu, I anticipated great things. We ordered 3 samplers. I was totally disappointed. The fillings of beef, chicken and seafood were BORING and uninspiring. No spices or flavorings stood out. In fact the seafood empanada tasted like it came straight from canned salmon. It was served with a bland green sauce of some kind but it didn’t help these tasteless pastries. A friend in our party ordered the Lobster croquettes at $15.95 but they sent them back because they were burned. Also, I have to mention that when we sat down, the waiter offered us a choice of mineral water or sparkling water. We thought it was complementary but it was NOT.  We also ordered 2 mojitos. They were the WORST MOJITOs we had ever had and they were $12.00 each! (I am not a Mojito connoisseur but last week I had one at the Pool bar at Trump International on Sonesta key and it was fantastic with its ground sugar, lime and fresh peppermint leaves.)  This lackluster meal came to a whopping total of $108 JUST FOR APPETIZERS, 2 DRINKS AND WATER.  At the onset, the waiter was a little put off that we were only ordering appetizers but by the time it was over, for the small effort he put forth, the gratuity that was automatically added in compensated him very nicely.  I told him I was not impressed at all with the food and he was the one who suggested I write a review.  I hope that my efforts will help others to avoid this YUCKY place called YUCA!!!

Yuca is located at 501 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139 .

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pgmr17 does not recommend this business.

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