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How To Find A Good Hotel Room (The Secrets Nobody Told You)

The secret to finding a great hotel room is right here


Finding a good hotel room in Miami is as easy as 1, 2, 3… Follow these three steps to get the best hotel room money can buy.

Step 1: Research the hotel on review sites
Once you find a hotel that’s right for you, read the online reviews. Read both good and bad, and keep in mind that one bad review does not mean it is a bad hotel. However, have you found the perfect hotel with only great reviews? It may seem like your dream place but have a closer look at who has written the comments. Travel sites such as Trip Advisor do not monitor their reviews so there is nothing to stop a hotel writing its own glowing references. Always look who has posted the review. If it is a new member with only one or two reviews then you can be sure that it is a fake. Only trust the reviews written by established members with a high number of posts. That way you can be sure it is a real, truthful overview of your potential hotel.

Step 2: Check hotel comparison sites
Look for your chosen hotel on as many sites as you can for the cheapest rates. You will be amazed at how much room rates vary for the same dates. Also, you will almost always find a cheaper option than the rate the hotel itself advertises. It is worth searching at different times of the day before you decide to book, as room rates fluctuate throughout the week like airfares do. Sometimes the smaller websites you have not heard of have the best deals, unlike the big websites such as Expedia and hotels.com

Step 3: Call the hotel and ask for a discount off the lowest rate you found online
Once you have found the best rate, it is time to see if you can do one better. Call the hotel and negotiate. Before you start to bargain with them, check if they have a best rate guarantee on their website. Don’t be vague, explain that you have found a better price online and ask them to match it with a discount. If they say no, then ask them to match the price you have found online. If they say yes, you just got yourself a great deal!

How to get the best room when you check in
This is the dirty little secret Expedia doesn’t want you to know - When you book a hotel at an online travel site, like Expedia and Priceline, sometimes the hotel will give you a worse room, rather than if you book directly with the hotel. Or perhaps they won’t let you check in early or have a late check out. Here are some tips to help you get an even better room.
The earlier you arrive to check in, the more rooms the hotel will have available. Always be friendly as you check in so the front desk wants to give you a good room. Ask to not be near the elevator, ice machine or main walkway. If you are a light sleeper, tell them you do not want a room with an adjoining door. Ask for a high floor, away from the street noise. If you do end up on a lower floor, ask to not be on the street side. Lastly, if you are not happy with your room, ask if you can see another.

If you are a devoted Trip Advisor member or have a blog about your travels, now is the time to mention it. You never know, you may even get an upgrade.

About the Author:

A SoBe resident for 5 years, Jess’s writing focuses on healthy living in South Beach with a dose of British humor and a cheerful outlook on life in Miami. She can be found moderating the forum Miami Beach 411.

See more articles by Jess.

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