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People Traveling Solo

Get more out of your vacation when traveling alone by following our guide


Many of Miami’s visitors travel here alone. Some come for business or to explore the area while planning to move here, others come simply for vacation or on their backpacking travels to and from South America. Traveling alone can be daunting for some and exciting for others, so here are some handy tips to help you enjoy your stay.
Planning your stay
Having an idea of what you would like to do when you arrive is a good way to start planning your trip. Traveling alone can be great fun as the only person you have to please is yourself. Start by researching Miami on this website or in some of the guidebooks we have to offer. Finding inspiration in what you read is a great way to plan out your days and decide what you want to do. Choose a variety of attractions and places to visit, but don’t forget to leave some beach time to relax.
Meeting people
Depending on where you are staying, you can find other people also alone on their vacation. The hostels are filled with people traveling solo, so you may want to grab a drink at one of the hostel bars. Hotel lobbies hosting Happy Hour are another way to meet new people. If you are eating alone at a restaurant and see someone else doing the same, don’t be afraid to strike up conversation and see if they would like some company. Being friendly and outgoing is always attractive to others, so be open to meeting new people and you will be surprised at how many friends you can make.
Eating out
Eating out alone can be fun if you are used to doing so but perhaps uncomfortable for those of you who are traveling alone for the first time. Check out the restaurant sections in the guidebooks to see which sound appealing. Miami offer cuisines from all over the world, with places to suit every budget. And if you are eating alone and in need of company, head to a diner or bar where they have the TVs on, a friendly bartender to chat to, or take a book or newspaper to read at the table.
Tips during the day
Traveling alone gives you the freedom to plan your own day. Fun things to do alone are going to the beach with a good book or iPod playlist, exploring the city on foot using a map from your guidebook, renting a bicycle or sightseeing in the Art Deco district. And the best way to spend the day can be taking a tour. You can see and explore more of the city, meet other people on vacation and have new experiences that only Miami can offer.

Tips during the night
Miami has some of the best nightlife in the world, so if you are nervous about going out alone, don’t be. Clubs and bars have no problems letting people on their own past the velvet rope. Going out to eat, drink or dance can be enjoyed as much as if you were here with friends. Don’t be afraid at striking up a conversation with someone, and expect people to do the same to you also.

Safety when traveling alone
We hope this article has given you the confidence to enjoy your solo trip without any worries. However keep in mind that not everyone in Miami is honest and you will possibly meet people without good intentions. Looking after your personal safety is very important, as is protecting your belongings. Keep your personal items out of sight or in your hotel safe and when you are out for the day don’t put your bag down out of your sight, keep it close to you at all times. Be open to meeting new people but if you are approached by someone you feel is harassing you, make your excuses and walk away. Take a taxi at night to keep yourself safe.
Read more about how to stay safe in Miami here and how to protect yourself from scams. If you do encounter a problem on your vacation, call the police and file a report. The Miami Beach Police Department is located at 1100 Washington Ave.

Coming to Miami alone gives you the chance to please only yourself, make your own schedule, learn more about the city and enjoy a trip tailored just for you. There is something exhilarating about traveling alone, so if you have any concerns, keep our advice in mind and don’t hesitate to enjoy your well earned vacation.

Photo by: Scott Alexander

About the Author:

A SoBe resident for 5 years, Jess’s writing focuses on healthy living in South Beach with a dose of British humor and a cheerful outlook on life in Miami. She can be found moderating the forum Miami Beach 411.

See more articles by Jess.

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