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Extra Things To Bring On Your Trip

Pack fun stuff for a Miami vacation


Whether you’re a Diver, DJ, Day Tripper, or Foodie: Everybody has some extra things they like to bring on vacation to remind them of comforts of home. Packing for a Miami vacation allows you to pack some fun stuff that might not be necessary in other places. Snorkel and fins anyone? You’ll save money by bringing a few of these extras and be prepared for anything, even a jellyfish sting!

Beach Bag: A large tote or backpack is essential to haul your favorite books, magazines, sunscreen, water and other things to and from the beach. Look for one that is lightweight and offers inside zip pockets.

Beach towel or bed sheet for laying out-If your hotel doesn’t offer complementary beach chairs there’s no reason to spend $25 to rent a chair when you can just bring your own beach towel. Invest in a high quality, plush towel that’s extra long. A queen size bed sheet works great if you want to lay out with a friend or that special someone. A sheet can do double duty in your hotel if your bed linens look less than inviting.

Ammonia for jellyfish stings: Amonia is the best cure for jellyfish stings, so if you plan on snorkeling or swimming when the lifeguards are flying the purple flags to warn you about “Dangerous Marine Life” in the ocean, make sure to have a bottle of ammonia in your beach bag just in case you get stung.

Wetsuit top: Stay warm and avoid sunburn and jellyfish stings by bringing your own wetsuit top when you go swimming and snorkeling.

Mask and snorkel: You can snorkel right off South Beach, or Key Largo, the diving capital of the world, is only an hour away. Bring your own snorkel gear and have an underwater adventure.

Waterproof camera bag: Make your own underwater video, using a simple camera bag and a phone.

Ball games: Miami has large, wide beaches that are good for playing ball games, hacky sack, frisbee, paddle tennis, football and catch.

English Spanish dictionary: Geographically, Miami is in the United States, but you’re bound to hear Spanish- Miami’s unofficial language. If you no habla espanol, bring a dictionary so you can interact with the locals; a Miami essential if you want to bargain when shopping, or ordering from a Cuban restaurant.

Jambox/speakers/radio: You can be the DJ and set the soundtrack to your vacation by playing your favorite songs from your phone, computer, or tablet. Great for your hotel room and the beach!

Tea, Coffee, and coffee filters: Many hotels have coffee makers in the room, but you don’t have to rely on the two small packets of generic coffee they offer. The only way to wake up to your favorite coffee or tea is by bringing your own.

Dried snack food: Head to the grocery store before your trip and buy pretzels, nuts, granola bars, candy, and chocolates, or whatever else you might want to snack on, and stock your personal mini bar in your hotel room.

Corkscrew: After buying a bottle of wine, don’t get stuck wondering if there’s a corkscrew in your room because there isn’t. Come prepared with a corkscrew and turn a “night in” into a romantic evening with your favorite bottle of wine. Don’t forget the music and candles!

Sleeping shades: Not all hotel rooms have room darkening shades, so if getting your beauty sleep is a must, a pair of sleep shades will keep bright lights at bay. Sleeping shades are also useful on the plane.

Inflatable neck pillow: A travel essential that you’ll use on the plane, as well as on the bus, if you plan on traveling to Disney or Key West.

Earplugs are a lifesaver if your hotel or hostel has thin walls, faces a noisy street, or your traveling companions will want to watch TV just as you try to fall asleep. Don’t let a sleepless night ruin your vacation. Bring a few pairs of ear plugs to guarantee peace and quiet.

Zip lock bags: Keep bags of different sizes for beach shells, snacks, and packing wet swimsuits and toiletries.

Candles: Whether you want to add some romantic lighting to your room, or freshen it up a with a light fragrance, a scented candle with a lid is great for travel.

Pedometer: You’ll be doing lots of walking in South Beach, so keep track of how far you go with a personal pedometer. You won’t feel guilty ordering dessert if you can prove you walked two miles!

Umbrella: Don’t let Miami’s surprise sudden downpour send you running back to your hotel. Be prepared for afternoon showers with a light umbrella that fits into your handbag or tote.

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About the Author:

Christy offers a fresh perspective on life and style in Miami. You can reach her at Miami Beach 411.

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