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Miami Beach 411
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Things You May Not Know About Miami

Some come for fun, some come for sun, some for the beach. Some come for glam, some come for slam, some sleep on streets - Señor Loco

Here is a collection of interesting facts about Miami you may not know.

10 Things You May Not Know

  1. Miami has the cleanest air and drinking water in United States Fobes
  2. Miami is the only city bordered by two National Parks: Everglades National Park & Biscayne National Park.
  3. Miami ranks first in unemployment.
  4. Miami ranks fourth in population density behind New York, San Francisco, and Chicago.
  5. Miami ranks third in city skylines behind New York and Chicago.
  6. Miami has No “single digit” or “triple digit” temperature ever recorded. Coldest day was 27º f (-1º c). Warmest day was 98º f (37º c).
  7. Miami has only one snowfall on Jan 19, 1977.
  8. Miami has the only public beach with topless sunbathing in United States.
  9. Miami has 24-hour liquor licenses in downtown.
  10. Fifteen feet below ground lies a natural source of water, the Biscayne Aquifer. Reaching water at this depth prevents Miami from having a subway train.

Miami-Dade Facts & Figures


  • Miami Beach: 87,925
  • Miami: 409,719
  • Metro: 5,413,212
  • Florida: 18,251,243 (4th highest in U.S.)


  • Miami Beach: 18.7 sq mi (48.5 km²)
  • Miami: 55.27 sq mi (143.15 km²)
  • Metro: 2,431 sq mi (6,296 km²)
  • Elevation: 6 ft (2 m)
  • Average temperature: 76º f (25º c)
  • Annual rainfall: 58.6 in (149 cm)
  • Wettest months: June & August
  • Hurricane season: June to November
  • Annual visitors: 8 million
  • Miami Beach nicknames: South Beach, SoBe, The Beach, The American Riviera, The Sun and Fun Capital of the World
  • Miami nicknames: The Magic City, MIA, The 305, The Sixth Borough, The Gateway to Latin America, Cocaine Capital, Repo Riviera

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