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Miami Beach 411
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Hello! Welcome to Miami Beach 411. My name is Tour Guide Owl. If you're planning to visit Miami, you're in for a great vacation!

Without a doubt, Miami Beach is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the United States.

We're not the biggest city on the map. It would be more accurate to describe Miami Beach as a narrow, 7-mile island that boasts hundreds of hotels, restaurants, attractions, and places to shop, not to mention beautiful beaches and exciting nightlife -- there is simply nothing like it.

When Jackie Gleason coined the phrase "The Sun and Fun Capital of the World" he wasn't kidding.

This report contains a summary of the best things there are to see and do.

So let's begin the report, you'll want to bookmark this page!


If you are coming to Miami Beach on vacation, you are most likely arriving by plane. The two closest airports are: Miami International Airport (MIA) and Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport (FLL). There are pros and cons for arriving at each.

Airline tickets to Fort Lauderdale Airport are usually cheaper
, and the baggage claim and terminals are easier to get around. The bad thing about arriving in Fort Lauderdale - the Airport is at least a 40 minute drive to Miami Beach (or Port of Miami). If there is traffic on Interstate 95, the drive can take 90 minutes, or more.

The big advantage about arriving at Miami Airport - it's only a 15 minute drive to Miami Beach.

Travel tip #1:
If you are arriving at Miami Airport with 3 people, or less, the fastest and cheapest way to get to South Beach, Downtown Miami, or Port of Miami is a taxi. The flat rate is $22 to Downtown, $24 to the Port, and $32 to South Beach.

If you are arriving at Fort Lauderdale Airport, a private shuttle to Miami is cheaper than a taxi.

To arrange private transport from Fort Lauderdale, Miami, or anywhere in South Florida contact MiamiBeach411. Check our Rates List to learn about our 10% discount and get a FREE, no obligation price quote. We provide safe and courteous transportation for the lowest price guaranteed.

If you are searching for an inexpensive airline ticket, read this review that compares 8 online travel agencies with the best airfare websites for purchasing cheap airline tickets.

Directions and Maps of Miami BeachDRIVING DIRECTIONS & MAPS

Driving to Miami Beach is easy. Streets are well marked with roads running in straight lines from North to South and East to West.

Directions from Interstate 95 to Miami Beach:
  • Arriving via 41st Street (Julia Tuttle Causeway) - If you're hotel is located in Miami Beach north of 30th Street, it's best to use Julia Tuttle Causeway. From Interstate 95, look for signs that read 195 East. After you cross the Causeway, (which is just a fancy name for bridge) continue eastbound to Collins Avenue and turn either left or right, depending on where your hotel is located.
  • Arriving via 5th Street (MacArthur Causeway) - If your hotel is located in South Beach between 1st Street and 30th Street, it's best to use MacArthur Causeway; it's a very scenic drive that runs parallel to the cruise-ports (see: video). From Interstate 95, look for signs that read 395 East. After you cross the Causeway continue eastbound into South Beach and turn either left, or right depending on where your hotel is located.
Our MiamiBeach411 Maps allow you to see satellite images for almost every type of business and attraction in Miami. We have used Gooole Maps to create a Shopping Map, a Parking Lots Map plus many, many more.

Hotels in Miami BeachHOTELS, MOTELS, & HOSTELS

Miami Visitors will find a wide range of accommodations with options for every type of budget. Miami Beach has close to 100 unique hotels that are divided into three types of lodging: oceanfront resorts, boutique hotels, and hostels for budget-conscious travelers.

Take a look at this hotel map to see what's near your hotel.

The biggest downside about staying here - our City has the second most expensive hotel rates in the United States, just behind New York.

Another complaint: the size of hotel rooms tend be smaller than other major cities. If you are unhappy with your room and want an upgrade, see what we suggest to do in this article about booking hotel rooms.

So, why do people visit? Two reasons: the atmosphere and the level of exciting activities...

Tours and attarctions in Miami BeachSIGHTSEEING TOURS & LOCAL ATTRACTIONS

One thing that contributes to Miami Beach being such a popular vacation destination is how close we are to Florida's best attractions. Disney World is a 4 hour drive and Key Largo is just an hour and a half away. A short 40 minute drive can have you on an Airboat buzzing through the Florida Everglades.

If taking a tour sounds like fun, make sure to reserve in advance with MiamiBeach411. We sell tours at prices significantly reduced below standard rates. See our Sightseeing Tours to get started planning.

If you are looking for other fun things to do, check out these 101 attractions that are all within an hours drive.

Restaurants in Miami BeachRESTAURANTS & PLACES TO EAT

Generally speaking, Miami Beach restaurants are not cheap. The cost of restaurant meals can add up quickly. To save money, do as locals do. Think picnic style for breakfast and lunch. Buying a taco, an empanada, or a sandwich instead of sitting down at a restaurant can turn a $50 lunch into a $10 one.

You can also save money buy stocking up your hotel room with food, snacks, and drinks you can find for sale at any of these markets near your hotel. If you prefer a sit down meal, try one of the inexpensive restaurants with reasonably priced menus like News Cafe, or 11th Street Diner.

But if money is of no concern, you can definitely find plenty of great restaurants for fine dining. Most of the popular restaurants fill up quickly. It's a good idea to make reservations in advance. You can reserve a table online here.

Travel tip #2:
Be aware most restaurants in Miami Beach add the tip to the check. Make sure you read the bill before paying.


Miami Beach has lots of activities and events to keep you busy.

First, we have an incredible nightlife scene with some of the best night clubs on the planet that stay open until 5am. If that's not late enough for you, there are more night clubs (just 10 minutes away) in Downtown Miami that stay open until 12pm in the afternoon.

Miami Beach also has a world class golf course, wave runners, bicycle, and scooter rentals, the Miami Beach Marina which is home to fishing charter boats and the largest casino yacht in Florida, a beautiful boardwalk and an outdoor shopping mall that are perfect for strolling. In addition to that, you will find kayak rentals, popular health clubs that offer day passes, and places to practice yoga indoors and outdoors on the beach.

If you think your recreation options stop there, we're just getting started. Located in the middle of Miami Beach is the beautiful, tree-lined Flamingo Park. The Park facilities include a swimming pool with lap lanes, a water playground for kids, tennis courts, basketball courts, a baseball diamond, soccer field, and a dog park. The only thing we don't have is a skateboard park, but MiamiBeach411 is working on it. Until then, here are the Skateboard parks near Miami.

We saved the best type of recreation for last -- the Beach! There's nothing more relaxing than spreading your towel on the sand and spending a few hours lounging next to the ocean. If you like to swim, the water is a beautiful turquoise color -- and warm year round.

Miami Beach ranks as one of Travel Channelstop ten beaches in the world, and Surfrider Foundation voted South Beach the premier urban beach in the U.S. (see: PDF)

Travel tip #3: When swimming in the ocean, DO stay alert for rip currents and jellyfish -- MiamiBeach411 provides info about what to do if you swim into them. Learn more.

We should also mention, Miami is closer to the equator than most people are used to. The sun is very strong down here. Avoid having a nasty sunburn ruin your vacation, by wearing sunscreen whenever you're outdoors.

And lastly... if you didn't already know, it's perfectly acceptable for ladies to sunbathe topless in South Beach.


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Have fun!

And enjoy your trip!

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