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Miami Beach 411
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Miami Beach History
Florida Historic Dates

Year 1513
Juan Ponce de Leon is first European to land in Florida.
Year 1763
England trades Havana for Florida and establishes a plantation.
Year 1821
U.S. acquires Florida from Spain.
Year 1835-1842
Seminole War
Year 1845
Florida becomes the 27th state of union.
Year 1881
Hamilton Disston buys one million acres of land in Everglades, guaranteeing Miami's future.
Year 1896
Henry Flagler finishes construction of the railroad to Miami, making it easier for people to move there and products to be shipped there.
Year 1898
Army camps set up in Miami during the Spanish-American War..
Year 1915
Carl Fisher dredges Biscayne Bay to build Miami Beach.
Year 1926
Hurricane floods Miami and destroys much of the city.
Year 1930's
Miami Beach flourishes with a boom of art deco buildings.
Year 1954
The Fountainebleu Hotel opens on Miami Beach.
Year 1959
Fidel Castro takes over as leader of Cuba and the exodous of Cuban refugees to Miami begins.
Year 1961
The Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba fails.
Year 1962
The Cuban missile crisis
Year 1973
Miami Dolphins complete undefeated season and win the Super Bowl.
Year 1980
Race riots tear apart Miami. The Mariel boatlift brings 140,000 Cubans to Florida.
Year 1991
Greater Miami population grows to nearly 2 million.
Year 1992
Hurricane Andrew blows through south Dade County causing $30 billion in damage.
Year 1996
The city of Miami turns 100.
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