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Miami Beach 411
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Restaurant guide

Barton G.
This restaurant makes each meal an experience by combining fine dining with fun dining and over-the-top presentations.

Blue Door
World-class cuisine is served in a dramatic and elegant setting.

China Grill
Italian, Japanese, French, Chinese and American ingredients intermingle flawlessly and are served in oversized portions intended for sharing.

Doraku in Japanese means "Joy of". This restaurant is intimate in scale and high energy in atmosphere.

The Forge
This restaurant boasts unparalleled food, service and ambiance, and has received countless awards and accolades.

Mango's Tropical Cafe
A must-see for all Miami visitors. Mango's is a virtual carnival of barely dressed up-and-coming Latin musicians and dancers flaunting their moves and sounds until they’re discovered and signed.

The buzz of the kitchen, a breeze wrapping around open rooms, drifting smells, jazz notes, people talking and dropping by the interactive kitchen's open counter, creates a relaxed and inviting rhythm.

Conveniently located next to the movie theater, this restaurant has a funky decor and deliciously thin Italian-style pizza.

Fresh grass paves your way to the restaurant¹s lounge area, replete with a fiber-optic starscape. Sleek ultra-suede banquettes and sunset hued silk line the perimeter of the dining room.

Cuban terrazzo floors, petrified real palm trees reach up to the 20' ceilings and rich luxurious materials including lambskin, suede and silk were chosen to create a stylish, comfortable dining experience.

Tuscan Steak
Famous for its family-style menu and cozy atmosphere, Tuscan Steak is surrounded by low ceilings and a long brown granite bar.

Today's Miami Specials
Like what you see? Let's talk about
how we can help your vacation
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