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Miami Beach 411
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Booking Hotel Rooms
ABOVE: Outside the Loews and Royal Palm Hotel - Miami Beach hotel strip on Collins Avenue.

Hotels like any other commodity, are subject to the rules of supply and demand. The more flexible you are about where and when to stay, the more money you can expect to save.

For the lowest rate, use a consolidator

Hotel managers know they'll seldom fill all their rooms at the published "rack rates," so they often negotiate discount rates with consolidators like our booking partners, Expedia and Hotels.com.

Miami Hotel Reservations

You might be able to match such rates by showing up at the last minute and negotiating your own price for a vacant room, but you can't count on doing so--and you might not find a room at all.

Insider tip

Remember that room rates will be more expensive during high season. The high season in Miami is December to May. Cheaper rates can be found July to October.

Rates will also increase for holidays and special events:
  • Thanksgiving (Nov 18 - 21)
  • Art Basel (Dec 2 - 5)
  • Christmas/New Year's (Dec 23 - Jan 2)
  • Boat Show Week (Feb 7- 21)
  • Winter Music Conference (Mar 23 - 29)
  • Spring Break (Apr 1 - 30)
  • Pharmaceutical Convention (Apr 9 - 16)
  • Memorial Weekend (May 27 - 30)
Book in advance. If your first hotel choice is full, let us offer a comparable alternative. Don't be surprised if you don't get your first choice, especially if you're booking during busy periods. Discounted room rates are like bargain air fares: They can be hard to get during periods of high demand.

How to get the room you want

The quality of hotel rooms can vary, especially in some of the smaller Art Deco hotels in South Beach where the layout of the older building may limit the number of rooms that have good views and sunlight. Although you can request a specific room ahead of time, you can't always be sure of getting it--and if you've never stayed in the hotel, you may not know what to request in the first place.

Fortunately, there's an easy solution: check in as early as possible. If you aren't happy with the room you've been assigned, ask to see another. In hotels, as in many other endeavors, the early bird often gets the worm.

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Booking Hotel Rooms in Miami Beach 411
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