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Miami Beach 411
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 Miami International Airport Main Terminal.
ABOVE: A Map of the Miami International Airport Main Terminal, including the Flamingo and Dolphin Parking Garages.

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Arriving at the Airport

iami International Airport (MIA) is the third busiest airport in the United States. The Airport is home to over 100 airlines that serve over 150 cities worldwide. With nearly 30 million passengers and 417,000 takeoffs and landings in a typical year, it is not uncommon for 100,000 travelers to pass through the airport in a single day.

Miami Airport has one main terminal building with eight concourses (A - H) extending from it. Each serves several airlines and a large number of destinations. The Airport is a relatively easy to get around in. Unlike some major airports, Miami International has all its concourses under one roof.

The Airport is in the midst of a $4.8 billion improvement program. The program will add new terminals, a new runway, and roadway improvements.

What to do on a layover

If you have some time between flights, there's plenty of seating in the various lounges around the airport, and restaurants are available if you're hungry.

Duty-free shopping is also available. The Airport has many duty-free shops that sell chocolates, liquor, perfume, cameras, books, and other items. You can pay in any currency, or you can save money on the exchange by using a major credit card. There's also an airport bank where you can change money, and several ATM's are scattered around the airport.

If you have four or more hours until your next flight, you can take advantage of the Airport's close proximity to Miami Beach, and take a taxi into the City. It only takes a few hours to have lunch on Lincoln Road, walk to Ocean Drive and see the Art Deco District. The travel time to Miami Beach is about 20 minutes, and the taxi flat rate is $24 one-way.

Sleeping at the Airport

QUESTION: "My boyfriend and I are arriving MIA at around 8pm and catching a cruise the next morning. We are on a tight budget, so I am thinking maybe we should stay at the airport overnight. Has anyone done it before?" Learn more

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