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Visit Barbados Island Port of Call in the Caribbean
Above: Port of Barbados Island in the Caribbean.

About the Island

Capital: Bridgetown
Location: Barbados is a Caribbean island located in the North Atlantic Ocean, northeast of Venezuela
Size: 431 square miles (693 square km), 2.5 times the size of Washington, DC
Population: 279,254
Language: English
Climate: Tropical, Rainy season (June to October)
Terrain: Relatively flat; rises gently to central highland region. The highest point on the island is Mount Hillaby at 1,102 feet (336 meters).
Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollar
Tourism info: Barbados Tourism Authority (246) 427-2623
Getting there from Miami: Barbados is located 1,599 miles (2,573 km) from Miami, FL. The easiest way to visit the Island is to fly.


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Barbados in the caribbean  

Travel Requirement: Beginning Jan 1, 2008, the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative requires all U.S. citizens, citizens of the British Territory of Bermuda, and citizens of Canada and Mexico visiting Barbados to have a passport or other secure document that establishes the bearer’s nationality to enter or re-enter the United States


The waters on the West Coast around Bridgetown are calm and peaceful, and there are numerous exquisite beach destinations.

Paynes Bay
is the perfect location for all kinds of water sports. A serene ocean and still air make Paynes Bay ideal for families.

Directly south of Paynes, and minutes from your docking site, you will find the picturesque Brighton Beach.

Snorkelers are drawn to Mullins Beach because of its crystal blue waters and ideal atmosphere. Upscale facilities and Mullins Beach Bar are conveniently located on the shore.

Getting around

Taxis are a great choice for transportation in Bridgetown and all around Barbados because they are on a fixed rate set by the government. Up to five passengers can ride in a taxi at no additional charge.

The bus system in Barbados is quite reliable and punctual. The buses leaving from Bridgetown will take you anywhere on the island. The blue and yellow buses are nationally owned and the destinations are posted on the front. The fare is only $.75, but exact change is required.

Rental cars are also available. You can use your home driver’s license but you'll need to purchase a temporary Anguilla driver's license for $20. Remember, when you take to the road, British rules apply, so keep to the left. Pedestrians should remember to look right before crossing streets.

Check dates and prices for Miami Cruises to Barbados.

United State diplomatic representation

Consulate of Barbados

Barbados Island reviews

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