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Visit Exumas Port of Call in the Bahamas
Above: If the Exumas are a necklace of sparkling jewels, Staniel Cay is the diamond pendant.

Exumas, Bahamas

The Exumas sweep down the middle of the Bahamas forming the western rim of the incredibly deep Exuma Sound. The necklace of some 365 cays stretches nearly 100 miles from Beacon Cay, about 35 miles east of Nassau, to Little Exuma near the northern tip of Long Island.

The Exuma National Land and Sea Park is a nature lover's paradise kept in its original pristine setting. The Park consists of underwater limestone and coral reefs, drop-offs, blue holes, caves and marine life, and is home to the Bahamian iguana. [Bahamas Map]

Location: 35 miles southeast of Nassau
Size: Great & Little Exuma, 72 sq. miles, Exuma Cays, 40 sq. miles
Population: 3,571
Language: English
Currency: Bahamian dollar
Tourism info: Call Exumas Visitor Information at: 242-336-2430.
Getting there from Nassau: Fly with Bahamasair, Sky Unlimited or private air charter. Bahamas Ferries provides high-speed ferry service to George Town. The Bahamas Mailboat costs $40 one way to George Town and takes 14 hours.


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Bahamas Exumas Island


The most northerly populated island in the chain is Highborne Cay. Just north of Highborne are Allan’s and Leaf Cays, where indigenous iguanas live.

Further south is Norman’s Cay, once the home of the infamous drug baron, Carlos Lehder, and his henchmen. A small plane lies partly submerged within swimming distance of the beach.

The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park runs from Wax Cay Cut in the north to Conch Cut, 22 miles south. The Park is the world’s first land and sea area to be designated a national park. It is illegal to fish or remove any plant life, coral, sea fans, gorgonians, animals, bird or marine life or eggs.

In the central Exumas, popular stops include Sampson Cay and Staniel Cay where you can snorkel into the spectacular Thunderball Grotto, site of much of the underwater action in the 1965 James Bond thriller, "Thunderball".

Further south are some smaller islands with high-end upscale developments. They include Cave Cay, Musha Cay, Darby Island, with its mysterious castle, and Little Darby Island.

Towards the south end of the Exumas are Great Exuma and Little Exuma, the chain’s two largest islands.

The Club Peace and Plenty in George Town was named after the ship that brought the slaves of Lord John Rolle to Exuma in 1783. The British Crown granted Lord Rolle a large tract of land as compensation for land he had lost in Florida in the American Revolution.

South of George Town is Little Exuma, where you can visit William’s Town, the 200-year-old Cotton House and the ancient salt ponds that once supported a thriving salt farming industry.

North of George Town at Farmer’s Hill is the 470-acre $70-million Four Seasons Emerald Bay Resort with its mile-long crescent beach and 18-hole golf course. The resort’s 200-room hotel is to be complemented by 120 condos, 100 residential lots, a 150-slip marina and eventually a casino.

Getting around

Nearby settlements include: Great Exumas, Little Exumas, a the many Exumas cays.

Inter-island Bahamas mailboats depart from Nassau and run weekly roundtrip to and from all islands.

Taxi service is available. Although metered rates vary by island, they are reasonable and are fixed by law. Bicycles are also available for rent at most popular tourist centers.

Rental cars are also available. You can use your home driver’s license for up to three months, but remember, when you take to the road, British rules apply, so keep to the left.

Pedestrians should remember to look right before crossing streets.

Check Dates & Prices for Bahamas Cruises.


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Bahamas Mailboat
Inter-island mailboats depart from Nassau and run weekly roundtrip to/from all islands.

CIA Factbook -- Bahamas, The
The CIA factbook says the Bahamas are a stable, developing nation with an economy heavily dependent on tourism and offshore banking.

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