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Miami Beach 411
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Public Relations Opportunities

What you need to know about us

  • MiamiBeach411 is a 5-year old community website serving local residents and visitors from around the world.

  • Our site has been reviewed favorably by Rolling Stone, Travel Channel, Conde Nast, In-Style, and other traditional media. We have earned the "Best Virtual Tour of Miami" award from SunPost, and featured in Miami Herald. (See testimonials).

  • MiamiBeach411 provides business a way to connect with buyers. We offer our clients a variety of methods to reach their target audience. (See advertising).

  • Our audience is made up of 25% local residents and 75% national and international travelers. We reach more than 400,000 unique visitors per month (July, 2007).
In addition to providing an audience looking for information about businesses and activities, we offer several advantages over newspapers and magazines:
  • Editorial content is "evergreen". With a newspaper or magazine, an article has a shelf life of a day, a week, or a month at most. On the Web, articles can remain online indefinitely and can be updated as necessary.

  • Readers can click through to your client's website. Our articles normally include links to related websites, so readers can get more information on the spot instead of requesting printed literature by mail or telephone.

  • Articles can be longer, with video and unlimited pictures. A typical newspaper feature is 500 words long, with maybe one photo. On our site, an article can be as long as the topic requires, with related video and photo galleries.

Topics covered

We help empower hundreds of local companies to sell products and services to their customers.

We write about local news, events, businesses, activities, transportation services, and tourist attractions in Florida, Bahamas, Caribbean, Central and South America.

How you can help us (and your clients)
We're interested in working with PR professionals who can supply background information, photos, and press trips to help us expand our destination and transportation coverage.

Our Services

We make promoting your business online easy. Our services include web consulting, design, development, training, and optimization, as well as expertise with the Google Maps API, Google AdWords, and other local search engine marketing products.

Call us today or email us for a no-hassle free consultation.

Contact info
Miami Beach 411, Inc.
1521 Alton Rd # 233, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Phone: (305) 754-2206
Email: support@miamibeach411.com

Our clients include: City of Miami Beach, Señor Frogs, China Grill Management, Miami Tour Company, Super Tours, Hotels.com, and hundreds of local businesses.

Note: We do not sell text links, and we do not participate in "reciprocal linking" or "link exchanges".

PR Opportunities in Miami Beach 411's About us.
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