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Miami Beach 411
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Miami Beach History
Historic Events Timeline: 1900's

1870 | 1900 | 1920 | 1940 | 1960 | 1970 | 1980 | 1990 | 2000
Year 1903
The Army Corps of Engineers dredge the first opening to the Atlantic Ocean, cutting through mangrove swamps at Government Cut. The project allows for a safer, more direct access to the port of Miami.
Year 1907
Collins extends his land to the north from 14th to 67th Street. He finds native plants which indicate fresh water on the island. His discovery leads him to plant avocados, fruits, and vegetables.
Year 1912
Miami businessmen, the Lummus Brothers, acquire 400 acres to the south of Collins, from 14th Street to Government Cut. They establish the Ocean Beach Reality Company. Their vision: to build a city fronting the ocean made up of modest single family residences.
Construction begins on Collins Canal.
Year 1913
Carl Fisher arrives in Miami Beach. He too has a vision for the island--a city existing in an of itself - not as an adjunct to the established city of Miami across the bay.

Fisher acquires the land between 14th and 19th Street; linking Lummus to the south and Collins to the north.

Collins constructs the Collins Bridge. The bridge connects Miami and Miami Beach; and is awarded the title of being "the longest wagon bridge in the world".

Joe's Stone Crab opens on Miami Beach.
Year 1914
The W.J. Brown Hotel, the first hotel on Miami Beach, open s for business.

Collins Avenue opens on the Beach and is the first paved road suitable for automobiles.

August 4, World War I begins.
Year 1915
On March 26, 1915, Collins Lummus, and Fisher consolidate their efforts and incorporate the Town of Miami Beach.

J.N. Lummus rallies the thirty-three registered voters on the Island and is elected the first mayor of Miami Beach.

Lummus sells his oceanfront property from 6th Street to 14th street to the city for $40,000. The land is dedicated as a public park and beach, to be named Lummus Park.

Fisher clears Lincoln Road out of a mangrove swap with the help of Rosie the Elephant.
Year 1916
The Lummus brothers offer free lots to anyone who promise to build homes on their land.

Fisher opens the Lincoln Hotel at the corner of Washington Avenue and Lincoln Road.
Year 1917
Miami Beach changes it's status from a town to a city.
Year 1918
Mac Arthur Causeway is completed connecting the mainland and 5th Street.

1870 | 1900 | 1920 | 1940 | 1960 | 1970 | 1980 | 1990 | 2000

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