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Miami Beach 411
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Miami Beach History
Historic Events Timeline: 1920's

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Year 1920
The Miami Beach land boom begins. Between 1920 and 1929 millionaires like Harvey Firestone, J.C. Penney, Harvey Stutz, Albert Champion, Frank Seiberling, and Rockwell LaGorce build mansions on the three-mile stretch of Collins Avenue know as "Millionaire's Row."

Fisher opens the Roman Pools and Casino at 22nd Street and the Ocean.

Fisher's trolley car system is completed linking the mainland and Miami Beach via the Mac Arthur Causeway.

The cities main arteries--5th St., Alton Rd, Collins Ave, Washington Ave, and Ocean Dr. are all suitable for automobile traffic.

Fisher's Flamingo Hotel opens at 15th St. and the Bay.

The Army Corps of Engineers begins construction of Star Island.
Year 1922
The Bayshore Golf Course is completed.
Year 1923
The Nautilus Hotels opens and the present site of Mount Sinai Hospital.
Year 1924
Fisher completes the LaGorce Golf Course, named after his friend, Rockwell LaGorce.
Year 1925
The Rooney Plaza Hotel is completed.

Construction begins on Espanola Way.
Year 1926
A severe hurricane strikes South Florida. Extreme flooding catches the Beach community by surprise and causes substantial loss of life and property damage.
Year 1927
The Million Dollar Pier is constructed at the southern tip of Miami Beach.

The Kennel Club opens at the southern tip of Miami beach.

Construction begins on the second City Hall at Drexel and Washington Ave. in South Beach.

Temple Beth David, the Beach's first Synagogue, opens at 3rd and Washington Ave.
Year 1929
Flamingo Park is acquired by the city and dedicated as a public facility.
Year 1930's
Miami Beach flourishes with a boom of art deco buildings.
Year 1930
Miami Beach Population: 6,500
Year 1935
Miami Beach Population: 13,350

1870 | 1900 | 1920 | 1940 | 1960 | 1970 | 1980 | 1990 | 2000

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