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Miami Beach 411
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Restaurant guide

The dining room whispers luxury and elegance with a long, glittery silver bar that's inset with a trough of ice, cooling down bottles of fine champagne.

Hanging from a chandelier or perched on the wine bar, are figurine monkeys which add to the exotic ambiance.

Capital Grille
Nationally acclaimed for dry aging steaks on premises, The Capital Grille serves classic steak house offerings such as chops, large North Atlantic lobsters and fresh seafood.

Chef Allen's

The ambience is posh, cozy and quietly elegant; there is no better way to appreciate the master at work in his glass-enclosed kitchen.

This restaurant is famous for its animated signature tableside menu presentation. Main course selections are presented on a cart rolled to your table, where the server displays and describes each menu item in appetizing and entertaining detail.

Relish the contrasts of small portions with big flavor at the birthplace of New World cuisine.

North 110
The restaurant features an accessibile, but eclectic menu; featuring local fish, vegeterian dishes, interesting salads and great steaks.

This trendy restaurant serves tapas and ceviches, and features low carb items and exotic drinks.

Ola Steak

Father of Nuevo Latino cuisine, Chef Douglas Rodriguez, blends flavors from Spain and Latin America with a twist. Sample drinks from the Muddle Bar where guests create their own cocktail concoctions from fresh muddled fruit.

Hand painted motifs of Ortanique oranges and flowers grace the walls and rich natural woods complete the picture.

The menu at Timo reflects Tim Andriola’s love for the flavors, textures and accents of Italy and the Mediterranean.
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Like what you see? Let's talk about
how we can help your vacation
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