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Miami Beach 411
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Flirt Sushi Restaurant
Flirt Sushi restaurant on Washington Ave.

Note: This business has closed

Restaurant info

Restaurant name: Flirt Sushi
Address: 947 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139 - USA

Restaurant menu

Flirt Sushi


Mi-so Horny Soup
Mixed Green salad
Flirt salad
Dirty Seaweed Salad
Tuna Tower
Salmon Tower
Veggie Tempura
Shrimp Tempura

Wasabi/Shrimp Shumai
Octopussy Delight
Show Me Some Skin
Fluke Flower
Tuna Tartare
Bed For Two
Fluke Me Salad
Big Balls

Choice of white or brown rice

Funky Flirt Rolls

Swingers Roll
Shrimp tempura, cucumber, tuna

Sexyshimi a.k.a. Atkin's Roll
Riceless roll with tuna, salmon, yellowtail, pickled radish, wrapped in cucumber

Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, crab & avocado

Tuna or salmon with crab, avocado & cucumber

Eel, avocado & cucumber

Eel, masago, egg & spinach

Softshell crab, avocado, radish sprouts, cucumber

Eel, avocado, wrapped in cucumber

Jumbo Shrimp Tempura

Two hand rolls - uni, ikura, salmon, tuna, quail egg

Eel, tuna, salmon, avocado, pineapple

Latin Lover
Fatty tuna, yellowtail, avocado, mango

Climax Roll
Lobster, avocado, cucumber, caviar

Miami Sushi Restaurants - Find good sushi in Miami Beach

Not-So-Classic Rolls (8 pieces)

Trust Me

Go Nuts
Tuna, avocado & cashew nuts

White Russian
White tuna, cucumber & caviar

Spicy Red
Spicy crab and cucumber

Hot Mexican
Tuna, yellowtail, avocado, jalapeno

Choice of cucumber or avocado (Maguro)

Choice of cucumber or avocado (Sake)

With scallions (Hamachi)

Choice of cucumber or avocado (Unagi)

Shrimp Tempura (Ebi)

Sesame or fish egg

Crunchy Spicy Salmon or Tuna

Smoked Salmon

Salmon Skin with Cucumber

Veggie Rolls

Cucumber (Kappa)
Pickled Radish (Oshinko)
Tempura Asparagus
Gourd Shavings (Kampyo)
Japanese Mushroom (Shiitake)
Mountain Burdock (Yamagobo)
Fried Tofu (Inari)
Fermented Soybean (Natto)
Japanese Plum (Umejiso)
Sweet Potato Roll

Nigri or Sashimi (1 piece)

Sashimi Orgy
Chef’s sashimi tasting menu, a chance to try it all - prepared for two

Bluefin Medium Fatty Tuna (Chutoro)
Bluefin Fatty Tuna (Toro)
Big-Eye Tuna (Maguro)
White Tuna
Salmon (Sake)
Smoked Salmon (Smokin’ Sake)
Yellowtail (Hamachi)
Fluke (Hirame)
Mackerel (Shime Soba)
Shrimp (Ebi)
Sweet Shrimp (Ama-Ebi)
Crab Sticks (Kanikama)
Eel (Unagi)
Salmon Roe (Ikura)
Sea Urchin (Uni)
Fish Egg (Masago)
Squid (Ika)
Octopus (Tako)
Red Snapper (Tai)
Egg (Gyoku)
Fried Tofu (Inari)
Una Don (Eel on a bed of rice with sweet sauce)
Tekka Don (Fillets of tuna on a bed of sushi rice)
Chirashi (Variety of fresh seafood on a bed of seasoned rice)


Slippery When Wet
Sesame-crusted banana tempura, ginger ice cream, caramel sauce

Blonde Delight
Key lime pie with whipped cream

Mojo Mochi Ice Cream
Japanese green tea ice cream surrounded with rice flower combined with chocolate and ginger ice cream

Lychee Lover Salad
Lychee fruit, kiwi and mango

Won Ton Luv
Warm chocolate ganache won tons with whipped cream

Flirt Finale Chocolate Cake
Chocolate melting cheesecake paired with chunky ginger ice cream

Flirt Sushi in Miami Beach, Florida
Big Balls at Flirt Sushi in Miami Beach Bed For Two at Flirt Sushi in Miami Beach
Dragon Roll at Flirt Sushi in Miami Beach Won Ton Luv at Flirt Sushi in Miami Beach
Map and location

Flirt Sushi is located at 947 Washington Ave. in Miami Beach FL, 33139. Nearby restaurants include: Metro Kitchen, Quinn's, and Wish. Use our Miami restaurant map to find the exact location.

User reviews

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Flirt Sushi in Miami Beach's Dining Guide.
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