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Miami Beach 411
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Restaurant guide

510 Ocean
The food is exceptional. But it is the coming together of the food, service, setting, and music that makes this restaurant unlike any place on Ocean Drive.

1220 at the Tides

Enjoy American cuisine while overlooking Ocean Drive.

A Fish Called Avalon
Enjoy fresh seafood and impeccable service.

Stunning views of an infinity pool and the Atlantic Ocean make this restaurant’s outdoor setting a perfect place to dine.

Barton G.

This restaurant makes each meal an experience by combining fine dining with fun dining and over-the-top presentations.

Diners are served dinner on oval trays in their exclusive beds.

Blue Door
World-class cuisine is served in a dramatic and elegant setting.

Bond Street
Tucked inside the basement of the "shabby chic" Townhouse Hotel, this slick, trendy restaurant has a relaxed, lounge-like vibe.

Caffe Milano
Only authentic Italian ingredients are used at Caffe Milano, such as extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany and parmigiano reggiano from the region of Emilia Romagna.

China Grill
Italian, Japanese, French, Chinese and American ingredients intermingle flawlessly and are served in oversized portions intended for sharing.


The biggest and tastiest rolls in town.

Enjoy a sophisticated menu that blends traditional Italian and contemporary flavors.

The Forge
This restaurant boasts unparalleled food, service and ambiance, and has received countless awards and accolades.

The service, quality of food and ambiance at Grazie is something you'd expect to find in Manhattan.

Harrison's Steakhouse
High ceilings, chandeliers, candlelight, and exotic art makes this one of the most romantic restaurants in South Beach.

Hosteria Romana

This is the restaurant Italians go to for Italian food.

Joe's Stone Crab
The hottest spot in town for stone crabs. Be prepared to wait; no reservations are accepted.

The buzz of the kitchen, a breeze wrapping around open rooms, drifting smells, jazz notes, people talking and dropping by the interactive kitchen's open counter, creates a relaxed and inviting rhythm.


This trendy restaurant serves tapas and ceviches, and features low carb items and exotic drinks.

Imagine a large, low-ceilinged room done entirely in orange and white, with polka-dot tables, a wall of bubbling water, eerie purple lighting and champagne bar surrounded by chairs that resemble giant, mutant martian seashells.

Prime 112
Prime One Twelve is a departure from the stuffy atmosphere of the conventional "men’s club" environment of steakhouses.

Located at the Park Central Hotel, Quinn's is the place for delicious seafood and meat dishes with a Floribbean flair.

Part restaurant, part club, Santo's innovative menu is based on recipes from Mexico's Pacific coast. The atmosphere is casual yet sophisticated.

Shoji Sushi
The coupling of authentic Japanese cuisine with outstanding service yields a Zen-like experience for the palate and senses.

The restaurant is themed after the 1972 Miami Dolphins' "Perfect Season" - the only team in NFL history to finish a season undefeated.

Social at the Sagamore
Enjoy a global "small plate" menu designed to be shared like tapas among a stunning collection of contemporary art.

Located in front of the Impala Hotel, Spiga offers an intimate atmosphere, with a romantic and poetic decoration, along with the quality and simplicity of its food.

Inside the atmosphere is warm elegant, outside the patio is beautifully landscaped for those who enjoy al fresco dining.

Fresh grass paves your way to the restaurant¹s lounge area, replete with a fiber-optic starscape. Sleek ultra-suede banquettes and sunset hued silk line the perimeter of the dining room.

Toni's Sushi
Candles, cushy bench seats, privacy, a great place for a romantic first date.

Cuban terrazzo floors, petrified real palm trees reach up to the 20' ceilings and rich luxurious materials including lambskin, suede and silk were chosen to create a stylish, comfortable dining experience.

Tuscan Steak
Famous for its family-style menu and cozy atmosphere, Tuscan Steak is surrounded by low ceilings and a long brown granite bar.

Northern Italian cuisine located in the heart of South Beach.

South Florida's original upscale Cuban restaurant featuring Innovative Nuevo Latino Cuisine.

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