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Miami Beach 411
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This page allows you to find Menus, Customer Reviews and Online Reservations for Yuca in Miami Beach.

Should you choose to call the restaurant, please mention that you found them on MiamiBeach411.com

Restaurant info

Restaurant name: Yuca
Address: 501 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139 - USA
(305) 532-9822

Hours: Sun - Thur (6pm - 10pm), Fri - Sat (6pm - Midnight)
Cuisine: Cuban
Appetizers: from $9, Entrees: from $16

Online reservations are not necessary.

Restaurant menu


Yuca Garden Greens
Fresh picked farmer's greens tossed with a very caribbean guava vinaigrette and farmer's cheese

Doña Glorias Frijoles Negros
A rich cuban black bean soup, served with a hot rice pancake, sour cream and chopped scallions

Gazpacho Sobe
Iberian style chilled soup made with garden ripe tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers. Drizzled with a light cilantro oil

Cesta De Empanadas
Our housemade empanadas filled with various beef, chicken and seafood picadillos, served in a basket with jalapeño chimichurri dipping sauce

Lobster Croquettes
Crisp florida lobster croquettes set on palm leaf with a sweet and spicy pineapple salsa, painted with a palette of dipping sauces

Tamale De Caracol
Spiced bahamian conch served in a traditional steamed cuban fresh corn tamale served with a piquant conch escabeche

Famous Seafood Puteria
Fresh local fish, shrimp and calamari, sautéed with white wine, tomatoes and capers, presented in a flowering plantain basket with avocados and imported black olives

Sugar Cane Skewered Guava Shrimp
Caramelized with a guava-chili glaze and served on west indian sweet potato cakes

Yuca Ceviche Del Salvaje

Yuca's ceviche of fresh grouper, shrimp, calamari, octopus and lobster forged in ginger-lime marinade and laced with scotch bonnet pepper

A yuca original. Ripe sweet plantains wrapped around a savory cured beef filling, served with an herbal salsa verde and sour cream

Coco De Camarones
Large shrimp sautéed with chorizo and coconut milk in a ripe green coconut

Steamed Little Neck Clams

Farm raised little neck clams steamed in yuca black bean broth with bits of chorizo, fresh basil, garlic and cilantro, topped with a crisp brandade cake

Spanish Piquillo Peppers
Roasted spanish piquiilo peppers filled with chorizo and porcini mushrooms and served with a creamy cabrales cheese sauce

Find Good Latin Food in Miami Beach


Guava BBQ Baby Back Ribs
Yuca's famous spicy guava bbq baby back ribs presented on crisp yuca con mojo fries and a cool chayote cole slaw

Grilled Pork Tenderloin

Marinated pork tenderloin finished with a rioja wine reduction and served with a congri rice and a ripe avocado ensaladita

Grilled marinated skirt steak on garlic mashed potato with pico de gallo and jalapeño chimichurri

Yuca Rellena
A vegetarian's delight. Steamed yuca filled with a truffle scented wild mushroom picadillo. Served on sauteed fresh spinach with two vibrant vinaigrettes of beet and carrot

"South Beach" Snapper
Crisp, semi-boneless and filled with a crazy avocado and jalapeño rice, topped with a relish of sweet and hot peppers and chili-garlic sofrito

Tuna Chino-Latino
Tuna marinated in an oriental dressing, crusted with yuca and seared rare with a light salad of watercress, yuca, black olives, avocado and a peruvian style yellow pepper dressing

Pepita Crusted Grouper
Fillet of grouper crusted with green pumpkin seed and cumin. Served on a catalan style bacalao cake with a sweet and spicy poblano pepper sauce

Rabo Encendido
Tender slow braised oxtail in a fiery rioja wine sauce with roast garlic and yuca mash, accompanied by a sweet plantain and ginger flan

Ajiaco De Mariscos
A steaming tropical presentation of lobster, shrimp, clams, scallops and mussels in a delicious caribbean stew, drizzled with cilantro oil, served with a spicy crab enchilado empanada

Plantain Coated Dolphin
Original plantain coated dolphin served on sweet plantain fufu with seasonal vegetable-roast pepper pistou and tamarind tartar sauce

Mar Y Tierra
Tenderloin of beef gratineed with spanish cabrales cheese on lobster mash with grilled lobster tail and truffled rioja wine sauce, accompanied by serrano wrapped asparagus

Onion & Yuca Crusted Rack of Lamb
Pan roasted rack of australian lamb crusted with toasted yuca and caramelized onions on malanga-goat cheese mash with a black bean and red wine reduction sauce

Pollo Criollo
Grilled half chicken, marinated in tropical citrus juices served with a citrus vinaigrette on fufu with plantain chips and avocados

Grilled Chilean Salmon
Grilled fillet of chilean salmon served with a nutty japonica black rice and a light mango mustard sauce, finished with a garlic-tomato concasse

Yuca is located at 501 Lincoln Road in Miami Beach FL, 33139. Nearby restaurants include: Cafe Pappillon Cafeteria, and La Lupa Di Roma. Use our Miami restaurant map to find the exact location.

User reviews

Yuca "Nightmare at Yuca!!!"
Date: November 8, 2005
Reviewer: Miami Beach 411 User, NY, NY
I went to eat at Yuca before returning home to NY. I heard it was a really good restaurant. First of all the meals are overpriced there are much nicer and better restaurants on Lincoln Road other than Yuca. I was highly disappointed the food was not tasty at all. They try to be gourmet but they are not!

Yuca "Great Food, Excellent Service"

Date: June 11, 2005
Reviewer: Miami Beach 411 User, FL
Despite bad reviews I read today, we decided to go to Yuca at Miami Beach. The service was not just good, it was excellent. We were treated in a very curtious manner since we walked in and every time the waiter brought a place, he would come back a couple of minutes later and asked if everything was OK. The food was very good and served in a very attractive presentation.
We recommend Yuca highly.

Yuca "Indescribable"

Date: May 1, 2005
Reviewer: Miami Beach 411 User, Palm Beach, FL
Wow, I have never had worse service in my life. The waiter was horrible, rude, and unpleasant even to be around. I took the time to tell the owner/manager when I left, and he barely shrugged. I figured with the prices as high as they were, that the service would be great. You are treated better at McDonalds.

Yuca "Terrible Service, mediocre food"

Date: April 20, 2005
Reviewer: Miami Beach 411 User, Minneapolis
Yuca gives the impression of fine Cuban dining, but delivers little in the way of service or tastful cuisine. We took a group of clients and ordered the appetizer sampler (2 to be exact). We were led to believe the sampler consisted of a few items of each appetizer. In fact we were charged for every appetizer on the menu--at FULL price! Two "sampler" plates came to $150. The food was adequte--nothing fancy. Looking back the wait staff was almost comical--bus boys stealing our plates before we finished, water boys hovering over us constantly, and waiters smashing into eachother with trays (no lie--one waiter took out another with an entire tray of entrees). Why would anyone go there knowing what we know now? Skip it and try the restraunts on Espanola Way--a far better value and much more enjoyable evening await.

Yuca "Poor service at Yuca"

Date: May 16, 2004
Reviewer: Miami Beach 411 User, New Hampshire
The service on 4/24/04 was terrible. The hostess was sullen and very apathetic. I was only served quicker when I spoke in spanish. shame... on the staff for that. The only redemming quality was the food was fabulous. I was to tired and starved to go to another restaurant. And I really wanted Latin cusine. I paid the price of being a typical white american girl who did not look rich or latin enough to get better service.

Yuca "What a treat"
Date: March 23, 2004
Reviewer: Miami Beach 411 User, Indianapolis, IN
If you love Cuban food and the elegance of an upscale eatery, then you will flip over Yuca. A friend of ours recommended Yuca to us and we were not diappointed. Friendly, informed wait staff and excellent food make this a place where you want to linger. From mojitoes and appetizers to entrees and dessert, every bite was savored.

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Contact information
501 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Phone: (305) 532-9822

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