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Miami Beach 411
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Restaurant guide

Bond Street
Tucked inside the basement of the "shabby chic" Townhouse Hotel, this slick, trendy restaurant has a relaxed, lounge-like vibe.

China Grill
Italian, Japanese, French, Chinese and American ingredients intermingle flawlessly and are served in oversized portions intended for sharing.

Doraku in Japanese means "Joy of". This restaurant is intimate in scale and high energy in atmosphere.

The biggest and tastiest rolls in town.

Dine on Lincoln Road and enjoy one of the best Chinese restaurants in South Beach.

Maiko Sushi
Featuring some of South Beach's most innovative sushi creations and dishes.

Miss Yip
Modeled after a Shanghai teahouse, the restaurant design is simplistic but enriched with exotic details.

This restaurant features Nobu Matsuhisa's cutting-edge Japanese cuisine.

P.F. Chang's
Founded in 1993, P.F. Chang's restaurant has been embraced by diners across the country.

Shoji Sushi
The coupling of authentic Japanese cuisine with outstanding service yields a Zen-like experience for the palate and senses.

Sum Yum Gai
If you can get past the name, South Beach's best Chinese food is on the other side.

Sushi Rock
Mix rock with sushi and you've got Sushi Rock. Try the steamed pork dumplings; they're the best!

Sushi Samba
From the Carnaval-inspired colors to the samba beat to the centerpiece sushi and ceviche bar, the soul of Sushi Samba is about enjoying life and celebrating with friends.

Sushi Express
If you're in need of a quick, affordable sushi fix, this is the place.

Sushi Siam
Sushi Siam is hard to miss for its purple on purple color scheme and the massive boats of sushi pouring out of the tiny kitchen.

Toni's Sushi
Candles, cushy bench seats, privacy, a great place for a romantic first date.

World Resources
Pan Asian restaurant offering a variety of sushi, Japanese and Thai cuisine with live music.

A small Chinese restaurant on Arthur Godfrey Road serving authentic cuisine.

Miami Asian Restaurants in Miami Beach 411's Dining Guide.
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