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Sum Yum Gai

This page allows you to find Menus, Customer Reviews and Online Reservations for Sum Yum Gai in Miami Beach.

Should you choose to call the restaurant, please mention that you found them on MiamiBeach411.com

Restaurant info

Restaurant name: Sum Yum Gai
Address: 1403 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139 - USA
(305) 604-8889

Mon - Thur (11:30am - 11pm) Fri - Sat (11:30 - Midnight)
Sun (2pm - 11pm)
Cuisine: Chinese
Appetizers: from $3, Entrees: from $8
Free Delivery

Reservations are not necessary.but if you want to order delivery, call Sum Yum Gai at: 305-604-8889.

Restaurant menu


Spring Rolls
Honey Garlic Wings
Szechuan Wings
Ribs and Wings
Salt and Pepper Calamari
Chicken Ravioli
Roast Pork
Tao Shrimp
C.G.B. Sampler Platter
Fried Wonton
Lettuce Wraps
Fantail Shrimp
Crabl Rangoon


Egg Drop
Hot and Sour
Chicken, tofu, and mushrooms in a spicy brown soup
Yaki Mein (Noodle soup with chicken or pork and vegetables)
Special Wonton (Shrimp, pork, chicken and wonton with vegetables and noodles)
Chicken and Corn

Miami Asian Restaurants - Find Asian Food in Miami Beach

Seafood Tofu

Chopped shrimp and scallops with tofu squares
Vegetable/Wonton Mixed
Chinese vegetables and wontons in a clear broth

Vegetarian Entrees

Buddha Delight (mixed Chinese vegetables, tofu and noodles stir-fried with a brown)
Broccoli with Garlic Sauce
Mushrooms and Fried Tofu
Ma Pu Tofu (Soft tofu squares and mushrooms in a brown garlic sauce)
Hot and Sour Eggplant
Chines eggplant with mushrooms, tofu and spicy brown sauce
String Beans with Hot Garlic Sauce
Tofu and Broccoli
Tofu Stir-Fried Vegetables
Tofu Szechuan (with a spicy red sauce)

Specialty Entrees

Tulip Angel (fried shrimp)
Peking Shrimp
Sum Yum Chicken
Red Devil (Maine lobster stir-fried with vegetables served over noodles)
Seafood Treasure (main lobster, shrimp, scallops and calamari)
Seafood Birds Nest (maine lobster, shrimp, scallops and calamari white garlic sauce)
Samba Birdas Nest (shrimp, beef and chicken with brown garlic sauce in potato nest)
Oriental Bass
Salt and Pepper Shrimp
Salt Pepper Combo (shrimp, scallop and squid)

Chicken Entrees

General Chong's (crispy chicken with red and green pepper sauce)
Orange Peel
Honey Garlic
Sweet and Sour
Egg Foo Yung
Chicken with Vegetables
Mu-Shu (shredded cabbage and Chinese vegetables wrapped in pancakes)
Black Bean Sauce
Kung Pow
Cashew (served with hoisse sauce)
Hunan Sauce

Pork Entrees

Sweet and Sour
Egg Foo Yung (chinese omellete)
Black Bean Sauce

Map and location

Sum Yum Gai is located at 1403 Washington Ave. in Miami Beach FL, 33139. Nearby restaurants include: Escopazzo, Vino Miami, and Maiko Sushi. Use our Miami restaurant map to find the exact location.

User reviews

Sum Yum Gai "Save Your Money!"
Date: December 24, 2005
Reviewer: Miami Beach 411 User, New York City, NY
Where to begin???
1.)The Spanish (Yes! SPANISH!!) waiter hardly spoke English.

2.)He had attitude. (I mean MOST waiters in South Beach have attitude...but this place was EMPTY on Christmas Eve...and, well, it was a little-dump/eat in-take out CHINESE Restaurant!
it's like getting attitude from your laundromat lady. -Ridiculous.

3.) The soup never came.

4.The appetisers (which were good) were sloppy finger food (Which is fine!) but the waiter only gave napkins to one of us - poor service.

5.) BOTH entrees (Curry chicken and cashew chicken) were just plain CRAP. I will say that the portions were big....but who wants a bigger serving of crap anyway? My Chinese dinner partner was the first to mention this.

6)The waiter charged us both for the soup even tho it never came. (After the meal, when shown this, he had the audacity to ask us if we wanted to take it to go!)

7.) After my dinner-mate complained that the bill was too large I asked to see it: The prices were scrawled in such a way that you REALLY couldn't tell how much he was charging you for various items.
He also NEGLECTED to mention -until pressed- that TIPS WERE INCLUDED. (20%!!!)

I have NO problem with that if the service is good.
I DO have a problem with dishonest waiters that take your money without telling you.
(We were about to give him a double tip when I caught this)

In short:
The food was bad.(3 out of 10)
The service was below average. (4 out of 10)
The Wait staff himself-(1 out of 10)

PS I used to be a waiter. if anyone is going to be generous with this reveiw, I would be.
This Chrismas Eve Dinner experience sucked.

I'm guessing the other reveiwers that liked this slop either:
1: Never had authentic Chinese food. 2: Never had GOOD Chinese food.

Sum Yum Gai "Everything You Could Ask for & More"

Date: September 28, 2005
Reviewer: Miami Beach 411 User, West Chester, PA
You just can't beat the quality, size, and price of the food at Sum Yum Gai. This cozy restaurant has some of the best Chinese food I've ever tasted and more than you can eat in one sitting, so expect to take home a hefty doggy bag. Although you might find bigger establishments with more menu options or smaller ones with cheaper prices, Sum Yum Gai offers the best of both worlds and is the only Chinese place that I recommend visiting while you're in Miami.

Sum Yum Gai "Good Food, customer service neeeds some work"

Date: July 18, 2005
Reviewer: Miami Beach 411 User, Miami Beach, FL
I order out every night and while I enjoy the food at this restaurant ordering can be a hassle as the ladies answering the phone put you on hold and hang up on you alot. I'm not sure what there system is there but it seems to happen every time we call.

Sum Yum Gai "Awesome restaurant"

Date: February 22, 2005
Reviewer: Miami Beach 411 User, Miami, FL
Awesome restaurant ...Fast delivery.... Good specials and affordable...I work at a Front Desk in South Beach..this is the only chinese restaurant i recommend!!!!

Sum Yum Gai "Very Good Food"

Date: May 30, 2004
Reviewer: Miami Beach 411 User, New Haven, CT
Fried wontons, steamed pot stickers, and General Tso's Chicken are Awesome ... Very Good and Price is Good Too.

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Contact information
Sum Yum Gai
1403 Washington Avenue., Miami Beach, FL 33139
Phone: (305) 604-8889

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